Sōmen [素麺(そうめん)]

Sōmen[素麺(そうめん)] is a thin noodle made from wheat flour. Most of them are mainly sold as dried noodle. Sōmen According to the standard of dried wheat noodle, which is stretched by machine, …

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Sen-cha [煎茶(せんちゃ)]

Sen-cha[煎茶(せんちゃ)] is a kind of Japanese green tea and the most common tea in Japan. Sen-cha is made from steamed, rubbed, dried tea leaves. Sen-cha Tea plantation in Kirishima[霧島(きりしま)], …

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Cha [茶(ちゃ)](tea)

May is the season of harvesting tea leaves in Japan. Fresh-picked Cha[茶(ちゃ)](tea) is more delicious and has better fragrance than ordinary Cha. Cha is also called "Ocha[御(お)茶]" that is more polite ex…

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