Shamoji [しゃもじ]

Shamoji[しゃもじ] is a tool for scooping Gohan[御飯(ごはん)](cooked rice). This is also used for mixing rice with vinegar or ingredients. Shamoji is made of wood, bamboo or plastic. Today, that is generally…

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Fūrin [風鈴(ふうりん)]

Summer in Japan is very muggy. Therefore, in Japan, many ways to spend summer comfortably have been invented since ancient times. Fūrin[風鈴(ふうりん)] is one of that. Fūrin Fūrin is a bell mai…

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Uchiwa [団扇(うちわ)]

Uchiwa[団扇(うちわ)] is a kind of fan. This is similar to Sensu[扇子(せんす)] but Sensu is able to fold and has portability. It's more formal than Uchiwa. On the other hand, Uchiwa is superior to Sensu as t…

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