Kotatsu [炬燵(こたつ)]

Kotatsu[炬燵(こたつ)] is a traditional heating device. That is a frame or table which has a heat source underneath and that is covered with Futon[布団(ふとん)](coverlet). Kotatsu is used by covering the lowe…

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Choko [猪口(ちょこ)]

Vessels for liquor such as Nihon-shu[日本酒(にほんしゅ)](sake, rice wine) are called "Sakazuki[盃(さかずき)]". And Choko[猪口(ちょこ)] or Ochoko[御猪口](O[御] is a polite prefix) refers to small-size Sakazuki. But Sakaz…

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Kamado [竈(かまど)]

Kamado[竈(かまど)] is an oven for cooking rice & dishes and that has been used since ancient times in Japan. That is also called "Hettsui[へっつい]" or "Kudo[くど]". Kamado is made of (plastered) soil, brick…

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