Yo-zakura [夜桜(よざくら)]

Yo-zakura[夜桜(よざくら)] literally means Sakura[桜(さくら)] blossom at night in Japanese. And it mainly refers to viewing Sakura blossoms at might(Viewing flowers is Hanami[花見(はなみ)] in Japanese and Yo-zakura is one variation of that.).

Somei-Yoshino at Chidorigafuchi
Yo-zakura of Chidorigafuchi
Yo-zakura at Chidorigafuchi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo

While daytime Sakura is gorgeous and harmonized with the scenery, Yo-zakura is fantastic and the beauty of pale pink blossoms is emphasized by contrast with night sky.

Yo-zakura is popular because it is possible to go to see after work even on weekdays. People enjoy Sakura while walking or hold a banquet under Sakura trees.

Yo-zakura along the Ōyoko River, photo taken from Ishijima Bridge
Yo-zakura along the Ōyoko River, photo taken from Ishijima Bridge,
Kōtō City, Tokyo

In many famous spots of Sakura, the festivals are held and the trees are illuminated during the blossom season. Some spots such as the temples in Kyoto, Rikugien[六義園(りくぎえん)](Tokyo) and Sankeien[三渓園(さんけいえん)](Yokohama) are specially open at night only during the season.

You can enjoy Yo-zakura all over Japan. But I especially recommend the waterside spots. You may be able to see the reflected Sakura blossoms on the surface of water.

Yo-zakura of Ebi-gawa RiverYo-zakura of Ebi-gawa River
Yo-zakura at Ebi-gawa River, Funabashi City, Chiba

Yo-zakura at Mōri GardenYo-zakura at Mōri Garden
Yo-zakura at Mōri Garden, Minato City, Tokyo

Yo-zakura at Tokyo Midtown
Yo-zakura at Tokyo Midtown, Minato City, Tokyo

And I also recommend that you take a Yakata-bune[屋形船(やかたぶね)](Japanese house boat) and enjoy Yo-zakura on the water while eating dinner.


Yo-zakura at Chidorigafuchi
Yo-zakura at Chidorigafuchi

Yo-zakura at Shinkawa Park
Yo-zakura at Shinkawa Park, Chūō City, Tokyo

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