Yamataka Jindai-zakura [山高神代桜(やまたかじんだいざくら)]

Yamataka Jindai-zakura[山高神代桜(やまたかじんだいざくら)](Hokuto[北杜(ほくと)] City, Yamanashi Pref.) is one of the three greatest Sakura in Japan with Miharu no Taki-zakura[三春の滝桜(みはるのたきざくら)](Miharu Town, Fukushima Pref.) and Usuzumi-zakura[薄墨桜(うすずみざくら)](Motosu City, Gifu Pref.).

山高神代桜 (27).JPG
Yamataka Jindai-zakura

It is said that Yamataka Jindai-zakura is over 1800 years old and that is the oldest Sakura tree in existence in Japan. It is very huge Sakura tree and its height is 10.3m, trunk circumstance is 11.8m. It's a kind of Sakura called "Edo-Higan[江戸彼岸(エドヒガン)]".

This was designated as one of the first National Nature Treasures in 1922.

It is said that Prince Yamato Takeru[日本武尊(ヤマトタケル)](He is a legendary prince of Yamato dynasty) planted.

And in the Kamakura Period[鎌倉時代(かまくらじだい)](1185~1333), Nichiren[日蓮(にちれん)](He is the founder of a Japanese Buddhist sect, Nichiren-syū[日蓮宗(にちれんしゅう)].)visited this place and saw the weakened Sakura. It is said that the tree recovered after he prayed. Therefore, this tree is also called "Myōhō-zakura[妙法桜(みょうほうざくら)]"(Myōhō are teachings of Buddhism.).

山高神代桜 (19).JPG山高神代桜 (23).JPG山高神代桜 (5).JPG山高神代桜 (26).JPG

Yamataka Jindai-zakura is in a Nichire-syū temple, Jissō-ji[実相寺(じっそうじ)].

In Jissō-ji, narcissus and various Sakura trees such as Somei-Yoshino[ソメイヨシノ] and Shidare-zakura[シダレザクラ], and also children of Miharu no Taki-zakura and Usuzumi-zakura are planted. With the snow-covered mountains in the background, these flowers bloom at the same time as the blooming season of Yamataka Jindai-zakura.

Jisso-ji Temple

実相寺 滝桜 (2).JPG実相寺 滝桜 (5).JPG
Child of Miharu no Taki-zakura

実相寺 薄墨桜.JPG
Child of Usuzumi-zakura

実相寺 (15).JPG実相寺 (18).JPG実相寺 (11).JPG実相寺 シダレザクラ (2).JPG実相寺 (5).JPG実相寺 (20).JPG
Sakura at Jisso-ji temple

Near the temple, the avenue of sakura trees called "Sanehara no sakura-namiki[眞原の桜並木(さねはらのさくらなみき)]". Furthermore, there are some old and huge Sakura trees such as "Wanizuka no Sakura[わに塚の桜]"(about 320 years old) and "Kanda no Ō-ito-zakura[神田の大糸桜]"(about 400 year old) in Hokuto City.

眞原桜並木 (4).JPG
Sanehara no Sakura-namiki

Wanizuka no Sakura
Wanizuka no Sakura

In addition, the same time of Sakura blooming, you can entertain peach blossoms in Yamanashi Prefecture[山梨県(やまなしけん)] which is the production area of peaches.

北杜市 桜と富士山 (2).JPG
Sakura & Mt. Fuji[富士山(ふじさん)], Hokuto, Yamanshi

北杜市 ハナモモと富士山 (3).JPG
Hana-momo & Mt. Fuji, Hokuto, Yamanashi

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