Yama-yuri [ヤマユリ](Golden rayed lily)

Yama-yuri[ヤマユリ](Golden rayed lily, the scientific name: Lilium auratum) is a perennial plant of the lily family and it is native to Japan. Its height becomes 100-150cm when it grows up. Yama-yuri has been designated as a flower of Kanagawa Pref.

Yama-yuri at Nasu Siobara[那須塩原(なすしおばら)] City, Tochigi Pref.

Yama-yuri lives in the mountain of Honshū west of Kinki region and Hokkaidō. It has trumpet-type flowers in the summer and it is about 20 cm in diameter. This is the largest in the lily family. The flower has a strong and sweet odor. The flower is white outside and there are yellow lines in the center and reddish brown points over it.

Yama-yuri called "King of Lily" or "Princess of Lily" because of its figure and odor. And it is called "Hakone-yuri[箱根百合(はこねユリ)]"(Hakone Town, Kanagawa Pref.), "Hōraiji-yuri[鳳来寺百合(ほうらいじユリ)]"(Shinshiro City, Aichi Pref.), "Kamakura-yuri[鎌倉百合(かまくらユリ)]"(Kamakura City, Kanagawa Pref.), "Eizan-yuri[叡山百合(えいざんユリ)]"(Mt. Hiei[比叡山(ひえいざん)], Kyoto & Shiga Pref.) by each habitat.

Yama-yuri at Inoue Yama-yuri no sato[井上山百合の里(いのうえやまゆりのさと)], Namegata[行方(なめがた)] City, Ibaraki Pref.

Yama-yuri was introduced in the Vienna Expo in 1873 and spread all over Europe. Many cultivated species of lily have been developed from Yama-yuri because of its beauty.


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