Shidare-zakura [枝垂桜(シダレザクラ)]

Shidare-zakura[枝垂桜(シダレザクラ)] is a general term of drooping Sakura trees. Shidare-zakura is also called "Ito-zakura[糸桜(イトザクラ)]" which literally means "thread cherry tree".

Shidare-zakura of Tōzen-ji Temple
Shidare-zakura of Tōzen-ji Temple at Matsudo, Chiba

Shidare-zakura of Guhō-ji Temple
Shidare-zakura of Guhō-ji Temple at Ichikawa, Chiba:
That is called "Fusehime-zakura[伏姫桜(ふせひめざくら)]".

That is a drooping type of Edo-higan[江戸彼岸(エドヒガン)] and there are some garden varieties such as Beni-shidare[ベニシダレ] that has pale pink blossoms and Yae-beni-shidare[ヤエベニシダレ] that has pale pink double flowered blossoms.

Yae-beni--shidare of Shinjyuku-gyoenYae-beni--shidare of Shinjyuku-gyoen
Yae-beni-shidare of Shinjyuku-gyoen at Shinjyuku, Tokyo

Blooming Shidare-zakura is delicate and graceful. Therefore, it is very popular. Especially, temples and gardens which have large and old trees are crowded in the blooming season.

Shidare-zakura at Denpō-in Temple, Taitō, TokyoShidare-zakura at Denpō-in Temple, Taitō, Tokyo
Shidare-zakuras of Denpō-in Temple, Taitō, Tokyo

Shidare-zakura in front of Ōte Gate of Imperial PalaceShidare-zakura in front of Ōte Gate of Imperial Palace
Shidare-zakuras in front of Ōte Gate
of Imperial Palace, Chiyoda, Tokyo

In a Japanese garden in Tokyo, Rikugien[六義園(りくぎえん)], there is a huge Shidare-zakura and that is famous for its beauty. Rikugien is open at night only during the blooming season but it is so crowded.

Shidare-zakura of Rikugien
Shidare-zakura of Rikugien

In Kyoto, a Shidare-zakura in Maruyama Park[円山公園(まるやまこうえん)] is famous. That is formally called "Hitoe-shiro-higan-shidare-zakura[一重白彼岸枝垂桜(ひとえしろひがんしだれざくら)]". Its height is about 12m. This Shidare-zakura is second generation and the first Sakura died in 1947. The present Sakura was raised from a seed of the first. Maruyama Park is famous not only for this but for a spot of various Sakura blossoms and they are illuminated at night.

And Daigo-ji Temple[醍醐寺(だいごじ)] is also a famous spot of Shidare-zakuras. Daigo-ji was known as a place which Hideyoshi Toyotomi held a Hanami[花見(はなみ)](party of viewing Sakura).

Shidare-zakura of Maruyama Park
Shidare-zakura of Maruyama Park

Shidare-zakura of Daigo-ji
Shidare-zakura of Daigo-ji

Miharu Taki-zakura[三春滝桜(みはるたきざくら)] in Miharu Town, Fukushima Prefecture is the most famous Shidare-zakura.

That is one of three greatest Sakura in Japan with Yamataka Jindai-zakura[山高神代桜(やまたかじんだいざくら)](Yamanashi Pref.), Usuzumi-zakura[薄墨桜(うすずみざくら)](Gifu Pref.). That is a Beni-shidare tree and it is said to be over 1,000 years old. It is about 13.5m high and 25m long. THat is designated as a National Natural Monument.

Miharu Taki-zakura
Miharu Taki-zakura

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