Miyama-Kirishima [深山霧島(ミヤマキリシマ)]

Miyama-Kirishima[深山霧島(ミヤマキリシマ)] is a kind of azalea. And that is an alpine plant grows naturally in the mountains in Kyūshū region. Kirishima[霧島(きりしま)] is a name of mountain range in Kagoshima and Miyazaki Prefectures(Miyama means "deep mountain".).


Miyama-Kirishima blooms from late May to mid-June. And that blossoms are small, cute and red purple. That is designated as a symbol flower of Nagasaki and Kagoshima Prefectures.

Miyama-Kirisima is an alpine plant but many spots of Miyama-Kirshima are easy to access without climbing.

Famous spots of Miyama-Kirsima are as follows;
  • Kirishima Mountains[霧島連山(きりしまれんざん)], Kagoshima and Miyazaki Prefectures: Especially, Ebino Plateau[えびの高原(こうげん)](Ebino City, Miyazaki Prefecture) is a famous spot of Miyama-Kirishima and you can also see wild Japanese deer(Nihon-jika[日本鹿(ニホンジカ)]) with them.

  • Ebino PlateauEbino Plateau
    Ebino Plateau

    Ebino PlateauEbino Plateau
    Miyama-Kirishima with Japanese deer at Ebino Plateau

  • Aso mountains[阿蘇山(あそさん)], Kumamoto Prefecture: Especially, Sensui-kyō Valley[仙酔峡(せんすいきょう)], Aso[阿蘇(あそ)] City is a major spot and Miyama-kirishima covers the valley but the road to Sensui-kyō is closed now because of the earthquake in 2016.
    Mt. Naka-dake, Aso
    Mt. Naka-dake, Aso Mountains[阿蘇山 中岳(あそさん なかだけ)],
    Aso City, Kumamoto

  • Nita Pass[仁田峠(にたとうげ)] on Unzen Mountains[雲仙(うんぜん)], Unzen City, Nagasaki Prefecture: Other than the blossoms, you can go up to Mt. Myōken[妙見岳(みょうけんだけ)] by the aerial tramway.
    Nita Pass
    Nita Pass

    Mt. Kunimi
    Mt. Kunimi covered with Miyama-Kirisima, view from Mt. Myōken

  • Kujyū Mountains[九重連山(くじゅうれんざん)], Ōita Prefecture: You can enjoy climbing mountains covered with Miyama-Kirishima.
    Mt. KujyūMt. KujyūMt. KujyūMt. Kujyū
    Mt. Kujyū[久住山(くじゅうさん)], Kujyū Mountains

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