Baikamo [梅花藻(バイカモ)]

Baikamo[梅花藻(バイカモ)](Ranunculus nipponicus) is a freshwater perennial plant of the family Ranunculaceae and is also called "Umebachimo[ウメバチモ]". That is distributed in East Asia. In Japan, that is widely destributed in the northern area but its habitats are limited in the western Japan.

Baikamo of Jizō River

Baikamo lives in clear flowing river whose temperature is below 15℃. That stems are vivid green and grow from 1 meter to 2 meters in the stream. Baikamo has small white flowers resembling Ume[梅(ウメ)](Japanese apricot) blossom from June to August.

Baikamo of Jizō River

Baikamo can live in only cool and clear stream. Therefore, that is on the verge of extinction in many areas.

Jizō River[地蔵川(じぞうがわ)] flowing through Samegai[醒ヶ井(さめがい)](Maibara[米原(まいばら)] City, Shiga Prefecture), which is a post town on the old main road, Nakasendō[中山道(なかせんどう)], is the most famous habitat in Japan and many people come to see the flowers in summer.

Jizō River
Jizō River

Isame no Shimizu
Isame no Shimizu[居醒の清水(いさめのしみず)]:
That is a source of Jizō River.

In a broad sense of "Baikamo", Ichō-baikamo[銀杏梅花藻(イチョウバイカモ)] is also included. Ichō-baikamo is the mother species of Baikamo and that is seen at Kamikōchi[上高地(かみこうち)](Nagano Prefecture), etc.

Mishima-baikamo[三島梅花藻(ミシマバイカモ)] which was discovered in Mishima[三島(みしま)] City, Shizuoka Prefecture is also a variety of Ichō-baikamo. The natural habitat of Mishima-baikamo vanished except Kakita River[柿田川(かきたがわ)](Shimizu Town, Shizuoka).

Ichō-baikamo of Kamikōchi
Ichō-baikamo of Shimizu River[清水川(しみずがわ)] at Kamikōchi

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