Inu [犬(いぬ)](Dog)

There is a cat boom in Japan now. The number of registered dog has been being larger than that of registered cat. But they are almost the same number now. It is said that it's because of the change of Japanese life style. Or maybe many Japanese want to live free like cat.

But many Japanese love the dog. There are many facilities for dog like dog run & dog cafe in Japan. Dog runs are in many high-way rest areas, so we can enjoy driving with dog.
m dog in dog run at Dangō-zaka SA
My dog in dog run
at Chūō Expressway Dangō-zaka[談合坂(だんごうざか)] SA, Yamanashi

Japan is a rabies free country. And Japan & New Zealand is only two countries in the world of no rabies risk according to WHO(2013). All registered dogs are required to have vaccination against rabies between April and June in Japan.
Rabies vaccinated tag & seal
Rabies vaccinated tag & seal

At present, six species of Japanese dog have been designated as national natural monuments in Japan. They are Shiba-inu[柴犬(しばいぬ)], Hokkaidō-inu(ken)[北海道犬(ほっかいどういぬ or けん)] , Akita-inu(ken)[秋田犬(あきたいぬ or けん)], Kai-ken[甲斐犬(かいけん)] from Yamanashi, Kishū-inu(ken)[紀州犬(きしゅういぬ or けん)] from Wakayama, Shikoku-ken[四国犬(しこくけん)].



stuffed specimen of a Kai-ken, "Kuro" at National Museum of Nature and Science,Tokyo
Stuffed specimen of a Kai-ken, "Kuro"
at National Museum of Nature and Science,Tokyo

And also in Japanese species, there are Kawakami-ken[川上犬(かわかみけん)] from Kawakami Vil. Nagano, Satsuma-ken[薩摩犬(さつまけん)] from Kagoshima, RyūKyū-ken[琉球犬(りゅうきゅうけん)] form Okinawa and so on.

Statue of Tsun with Takamori Saigō at Ueno Park, Taitō, Tokyo
(Tsun was a Satsuma-ken.)

Japanese species are middle or small size dogs except for Akita-inu.

Akita-inu I had when I was child

Calendar of Japanese dog 2016 by Japanese famous photographer Mitsuaki Iwago

The photo book of Famous Hokkaidō-inu actor, "Kai-kun"

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