Uguisu (Japanese bush warbler) [鶯(ウグイス)]

First, Hear this!

This is a call of Uguisu[鶯(ウグイス)](Japanese bush warbler in English). Only male calls like this during the breeding season from sring to early summer.
Uguisu is also called "Haru-tsuge-dori[春告鳥(はるつげどり)]". This means "bird announcing spring coming". Because in early spring, Uguisu starts calling like this.

This call is for the purpose of territorial defense & courtship to female. This call is expressed as "Hōhokekyo[ホーホケキョ]".

ウグイス (1).JPG
Uguisu at my garden

Uguisu lives in East Asia . Uguisu is the bird of Yamanashi[山梨県(やまなしけん)] & Fukuoka[福岡県(ふくおか)] prefecture. This bird is small, about 15cm.

Many Japanese have mistaken Mejiro[目白(メジロ)] for Uguisu. Mejiro is a bird like yellow green & that feathers around eyes are white.

There is a proverb, "Ume ni Uguisu[梅に鶯(ウメにウグイス)](Japanese apricot blossom & Uguisu, it is an example of good harmonized combination.)". But Mejiro likes sucking nectar of plum blossom & Uguisu don't likes that but bugs. Mejiro has beautiful color & is matched with plum blossoms. I think that is the reason for mistake.

There is Uguisu color[鶯色(うぐいすいろ)] in Japan.
And there is a Japanese sweets ingredient made of green peas called Uguisu-an[ウグイス餡(ウグイスあん)]. Its color is more similar to Mejiro than Uguisu.


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