Daikon [大根(ダイコン)]

Daikon[大根(ダイコン)] is a cruciferous plant and this root is a popular vegetable as a kind of radish in Japan. Daikon(Aokubi-daikon) Flowering daikon Daikon is produced throughout the year…

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Mejiro [目白(メジロ)]

Mejiro[目白(メジロ)] is a passerine bird of the white-eye family. It is a very small bird and is about 12 centimeters long. Mejiro Mejiro has beautiful greenish brown feathers and has white feat…

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Tenmangū [天満宮(てんまんぐう)]

Tenmangū[天満宮(てんまんぐう)] is a shinto shrine which enshrines Sugawara no Michizane[菅原道真(すがわらのみちざね)](845-903) as a god, Tenmandaijizai-tenjin[天満大自在天神(てんまんだいじざいてんじん)](It is often called "Tenjin[天神(てんじん)]" …

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